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You can’t  threaten me with suspension – Abbo tells Tinubu



You can't threaten me

Senator Elisha Abbo, who had been caught on camera assaulting a lady, appeared before a Senate committee set up to investigate the incident tells Tinubu’s wife “You can’t threaten me with suspension, We are the same”.


Senator Abbo reportedly insisted he would like to address the panel before taking an oath; a decision that resulted in an exchange of words with Senator Oluremi Tinubu


Abbo told senator Tinubu that she shouldn’t threaten him with suspension as he was a senator exactly like her.


Senator Elisha Abbo, appeared before a Senate committee set up to investigate the incident on Tuesday afternoon, July 9.


Premium Times reported that, he had refused to speak in the present of journalist or take an oath before the senate panel.


Dailytells also gathers that before being permitted to testify, any person invited before committees are made to take oaths to pledge to speak the truth.


Abbo reportedly insisted he would address the panel before taking the oath; a determination that generated an exchange of words with members of the committee.


Senator Oluremi Tinubu, had asked Abbo to swear an oath before saying anything. He bluntly refused, saying the matter before them was in court.

You can’t threaten me, the case is in court

He further explained: “This matter is in court. I can’t be talking before cameras when the matter has already been in court. That’s subjudice.”

Tinubu then responded: “Distinguished, you just joined us. There is a procedure and we are also under law.” She claimed.

You do not come in here and dictate to us. “You are on the other side now. Don’t tell us what to do because we can suspend you.

”Following the lawmaker’s comment, a furious Senator Abbo promptly interjected: “I will not sit here and listen to you threaten me with suspension.

I’m  a senator like you. You can’t  threaten me with suspension.”

The chaos lasted for some minutes and newsmen were subsequently asked to leave for the meeting to continue behind closed doors.

Meanwhile, this news media had previously reported that law enforcement on Monday, July 8, arraigned Senator Abbo in a Zuba chief magistrates’ court, Abuja, for allegedly assaulting a nursing mother.


Senator Abbo, pleaded not guilty to a two-count charge of criminal force and assault leveled against him.

Watch the video of the heated argument between Tinubu’s wife and Abbo


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