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Women should stop forgiving Men that cheats



women should stop forgiving men that cheats

Should women forgive men that Cheats? even if some that made cheating a way of life?

People are now debating on forgiveness, some says you should forgive always, does it really applicable to everyone?

Having a cheating partner weather in relationship or in marriage has been a very serious issue of discords nowadays.

Whenever a man cheated on a woman, he will seek forgiveness, friends and family can even joined to plead for him.

But, if a woman commits the same thing, hmmm, heaven will fall, thunder will strike.

In-fact, some men will remember their village tradition if it was a married woman.

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If it was a dating relationship, the man will say, that woman is bad, evil, prostitute, he won’t be faithful.

Even friends will rejects the girl talk-less of the family if they hear, that woman is as worst as an harlot before them.

However, if a man cheats on a woman, you will hear things like, don’t worry he will change, some will boldly say manage him like that.

Some even uses biblical example of forgiveness when it comes to a man but when a woman does the same sin even a pastor will not remember the portion of the bible he quoted before.

Women have always been on the receiving end, weather good or bad, a woman will always absorbed.

Though some people regard men that cheats on women as irresponsible men.

One of the radio presenters mocked on women as he urges them not to forgive any man that cheats on them.

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