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See Reasons why young men are broke



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Some of the reasons why young men are broke in Nigeria have been exposed.

According to an online media report from a renounced social media influencer, Sampson, young men are broke because of the following reasons.

1. Undue Responsibilities: Why young men are broke, is because they play the roles of a husband too early especially in Nigeria.

By this , some young men are spending their hard earned money on women that are not their wives.

Some even went as far as dating or keeping women that are either divorced or single mother with kids.

Surprisingly, these young men end up taking care of the woman and the children in the name of love.

While some of them are claiming to be in a relationship, dating other young girls that are highly demanding.

This led them to going bankrupt.

Those ones without jobs end up spending their time to pleased their sugar mummies and some spend with girls friends rather than indulging in resourceful ventures.

2. Drugs and Drinks: Another reason why young men are broke is  because of taking of hard drugs and becoming addicted to it.

Drugs like tramadol, cocaine, and others…

While some are wasting their money on drinking alcohol. These are mostly from young men that like clubbing and partying.

3. Living Extravagantly: Most young people uses the latest smartphones, drive expensive cars and live in an expensive place which their income can maintain their expenses, these is another reason why they are broke.

These desires require huge cash flow as the cost of a good smartphone or a nice car is not cheap. Some end up borrowing from their banks or taken a lease at very high rates to pay back over time. This again leaves little or no cash to save.

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