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Vice President Osinbajo to be Replaced By Fashola Or Fayemi



osinbajo involved in an accident

Vice President Osinbajo to be replaced by Fashola, the current minister of works or Fayemi, the current governor of Ekiti state.

One of the national newspapers, Daily Independent made this claim that powerful forces in the presidency want to replace Osinbajo with their own choice of VP.

The source reported that the cabal in the presidency have two possible replacement against Osinbajo incase of his resignation.

Daily Independence published that Babatunde Fashola, Minister of Works and Housing, or Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State, the current chairman of Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF), are better choices for the cabal for the replacement of embattled VP.

According to the source, there is no plan from the Buhari’s camp of the cabal to short changed the south west from the the VP’s slot but they preferred the Tinubu’s rivalry from the zone.

The cabal has tilted their tent to Fayemi and Fashola whom they sees as the strong arrow heads that are not under Tinubu’s influence.

Talking further, the source disclosed to Daily Independent: “The president is likewise truly OK with Fashola and would have picked him as his running mate in 2015 however for the objection against a Muslim-Muslim ticket which additionally risked Tinubu’s odds.

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“In the event that you recollect, that was the reason the president designated Fashola as the Minister of Power, Works and Housing in 2015, making him the most significant minister in his cabinet or super-minister

“The way things are, these two are the most preferred as a substitution for Osinbajo, however it stays to be perceived how this will emerge as the VP will likewise not have any desire to go down without a battle.”

Daily Tells Nigeria reviews that Political activist and former deputy spokesperson of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Timi Frank, had connected Osinbajo to the botch of about N90 billion Naira discharged by the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) to rig the last election for the favour of the ruling party.

In the interim, the decision APC, a week ago discharged an announcement keeping up that there is no crack in the Presidency as detailed in some segment of the Nigerian media.

Recalled that, Timi Frank,  had linked Osinbajo to the mismanagement of about N90 billion Naira.

The vice president has dared to sued him, waved his immunity and maybe resigned to clear his name from the allegation.

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The said money was released the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) to prosecute the last general elections in favour of the ruling party, this is as alleged by the former Publicity secretary of APC, Mr. Timi Frank.

However, one of the persons in presidency who pleaded anonymity allege that the cabal has vowed that Osinbajo must be replaced with either of their favorites.

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