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Things you need to know about MTN Nigeria



Things you should know about MTN Nigeria

MTN Nigeria is one of the mobile telecommunication companies operating in Nigeria.

MTN Nigeria, a subsidiary of MTN International (Mauritius) Limited, incorporated with the Republic of Mauritius, with its ultimate holding company, MTN Group.

The company was incorporated in Nigeria on November 8, 2000.

This telecommunication company came to Nigeria on May 16, 2001.

MTN Nigeria was the first GSM network to make a call globally, this lauded Nigerian GSM auction conducted by the NCC in 2001.

Note: NCC is Nigerian Communications Commission.

In Nigeria it first launched her full commercial operations in the following cities Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

MTN Group

MTN Group was founded in 1994

Headquarters: Johannesburg, South Africa

MTN was formerly known as M-Cell

What MTN stand for?

MTN stands for Mobile Telephone Network

But, South African cellular service provider has Suggest new definition.

How many subscribers do MTN have in Nigeria?

MTN Nigeria has 17.2 million active data subscribers, up 15.1% quarter-on-quarter, and 2.5 million MoMo customers, up 12.4% quarter-on-quarter.

MTN Nigeria said in June 2019 that its subscriber base had increased to 61.5 million

Largest MTN Shareholder in Nigeria and their stakes:

1. MTN International (Mauritius) Limited has Stake of 76.08% with total Worth of N1.68 trillion.

2. Stanbic IBTC Assent Management Limited has Stake: 9.64% with total Worth of N213.7 billion.

3. Victor Odili has Stake of 3.96% with total Worth of N87.87 billion.

4. Mobile Telephone network has Stake of 2.75% with total Worth of N60.95 billion.

5. Government Employees Pension Fund has Stake of 1.75% with total Worth of N38.68 billion.

6. Pascal Dozie has Stake of 1.67% with total Worth: N37.07 billion

7. Sani Mohammed Bello has Stake of 1.3% with total Worth of N28.87 billion

8. Babatunde Folwawiyo has Stake of 1.07% with total Worth of N23.83 billion

9. Gbenga Oyebode has Stake of 0.89% with total Worth of N19.80 billion (3/4)

10. Mallam Ahmed Dasuki has Stake: 0.75% with total Worth of N19.35 billion

11. Kari Olutokun Toriola has Stake of 0.005% with total Worth of N100.10 million.

MTN Nigeria

Countries that are Using MTN

Countries Subscribers
(in millions)
 Afghanistan 6.257
 Benin 4.914
 Botswana 1.722
 Cameroon 7.684
 Republic of Congo 2.464
 Ghana 17.790
 Guinea 2.791
 Guinea Bissau 0.752
 Iran 44.780
 Ivory Coast 11.050
 Liberia 0.983
 Nigeria 58.197
 Rwanda 4.465
 South Africa 31.191
 Sudan 7.792
 South Sudan 1.016
 Eswatini 0.969
 Syria 5.605
 Uganda 11.270
 Yemen 4.405
 Zambia 6.459
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