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Step 2: How To Add Your Blog / Website To Phoenix News Browser



add blog to Phoenix brower

The step 1 of this tread is here in case you missed it

Meanwhile after the 7days trial the feedstop can keep you if you provide quality content to the system as the system wishes to have that.

After waiting for a few minutes repeat the process you followed in checking if my own blog is listed on the Feedspot and check yours. Once you see yours, relax and wait to get impressive traffic from Phoenix Browser.

Take this advice: Please Avoid low-quality content and too much and obvious Copywrite (Copy & Paste).

This step simply requires you to write to Phoenix Developers and Publishers team as they are always available to attend to quality blogs and get them published on the Phoenix news browser.

Visit the Phoenix Developers and Publishers contact web page. Or send an email to

> Enter your full name, email address, and subject. You have to be very smart in entering a subject so once the team sees your mail, they can easily attend to it knowing what exactly you want.
> After the subject, you would be required to enter what your request is. Try very well to be as precise as possible concerning any issues by ticking the appropriate box:

  • General Inquiries
  • Feedback
  • Content and Apps
  • Users and blog
  • Advertising

I this case, you have to select Users and Blog, then write your request on the message box and submit.

I hope this article was helpful?

In any case, if you have further questions, contact us via whatsapp:2348065109826