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“Started as Father and Daughter, ended as Husband and Wife!”



Father Daughter Husband wife

A young beautiful lady has left so many people in shock as she brags about marrying her father.

Posted on her facebook account as “Started as Father and Daughter, ended as Husband and Wife!”.

The lady took to her social media account, shared a photo of herself passionately kissing a man she claims to be her father and also, now her husband.

She posted an old photo of herself and a certain man when she was a little girl and another picture…

The young lady named as Jimi Meaux captioned her photo as “started as father and daughter, ended as husband and wife! Sometimes your soulmate is your parent! #TansformationTuesday #LoveIsLove.”

The wonder lady sort to advise people to start searching for soulmates in their parents.

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This post has gone viral on social media as many had condemned this act as barbaric and outrageous.

But the duo seems not bothered about what people says.

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