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Sheikh Mohammed in UAE promise surprises in 2020



UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum promised that the EXPO 2020 World Exhibition, which starts in Dubai next year, has “many surprises in store” and encouraged China and the whole world to visit it.

He also noted that in recent years, China and the UAE have been developing rapidly, and this shows that “the impossible does not exist.”

He encouraged the Chinese to visit the emirate during the six-month EXPO 2020 next year.

“The Chinese can see that their visas are awaiting their owners at our airports,” he said Friday in an interview with state-owned CCTV.

Sheikh Mohammed took a television crew on a tour of Dubai, including a desert reserve Marmum in the countryside.

“More than 10 years ago I gave a lecture at the University of the Arabian Gulf in Bahrain, where I said that a world power is moving east, and by that I meant China. China will lead the entire global economy, ”he said.

He spoke about the Silk Road Chinese megaproject, also known as the Belt and Road Initiative, to stimulate trade in the coming years.

“The Silk Road is very important for the UAE, and we have allocated $ 3 billion to participate in this mega-project,” he said.

“The President of China has restored the Silk Road, which connects the West with the East and vice versa.

“The UAE was the first to support the Silk Road project. We manage 77 ports around the world, and this project is important to us. Investing in it will benefit everyone. ”

Sheikh Mohammed invited a CCTV correspondent to tour the Marmum Desert Reserve, considered the largest natural reserve in the UAE. He spoke about the desert and that it is an integral part of the character of the UAE.

“We are the sons of this desert, this is our treasure. – he said. “For some, the desert is difficult and dangerous, but we know it well, and it has taught us valuable lessons.”

“Dubai was once small, but the determination of its people was great. Now we look forward to Dubai becoming the “perfect city.” We want this to serve as a model for countries striving to develop. For me, the word “impossible” does not exist, it was invented by the weak. ”

“We have developed plans for the next few years for all of our emirates. We continue to work hard, and Dubai and the UAE will become a role model for the whole world, especially in the Middle East, in the fields of education, health, technology and others. ”

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