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Seyi’s Decision and Fake Eviction fans reacted



Seyi's eviction fans reacted on his decision of give out veto power

The Big Brother Naija Show 2019 edition got fans and followers talking as Seyi’s fans reacted to Seyi’s Decision and his fake eviction.

Hear him:

“I have learnt a lesson from the Big Brother Naija series tonight. Before now,I didn’t see anything good about the series, until I saw one of the house mates by name Seyi putting up a character that challenged me.

Earlier this week, Seyi was nominated for eviction, and as the rule in the BBN households, he was expected to replace himself with another house mate of his choice. This however implied that, instead for him to have carried the eviction burden on his neck, the selected housemate would have bore the sore.

But here, when Seyi was asked to pick his choice, he said with all sense of love and sacrifice likened to Christ’s sacrifice to humanity, that he doesn’t see anyone he could nominate for eviction. He rather gave himself for eviction to spare others.

When Big brother announced his eviction which turned out to be a farce or what could be termed, fake eviction, the entire house was thrown into sobbing. But Seyi himself was very calm and cheerful while walking out of the Big brother house.

Personally, I shed tears watching such selfless and sacrificial attitude which is rare amongst youths. It is hard to see young people doing or taking actions that tend to leap the fortune of another at the detriment of self. Young people always try to put up attitudes that tend to outsmart each other. But in Seyi’s case, he dropped himself while lifting others.

Do you know what happened to him at the end of the day? What looked like demotion turned out to be promotion?

Instead for big brother to show Seyi the way out,he was ceremoniously taken to a special closet tagged secret room.

This secret room is an apartment crafted for special people in the house.

As I’m writing this, Seyi is having a good time in the secret room and as big brother announced, while he stays there, he will have to enjoy special menus and every other thing that will make life in the secret room worth living. Also,the most beautiful damsel in the BBN house, Tacha has been drafted to the secret room to keep Seyi company day n night.


Lesson learnt:

At times, it is good for us to think about others before self. I know that self preservation is the first law of existence, but this shouldn’t make us to always think about self, self, self without creating room for others.

To Seyi, I say big congratulations; you will have my vote throughout this competition. Enjoy your secret room; I know Tacha won’t be difficult to manage”.


Note that Seyi’s fans reacted on fake eviction with Tacha. It will only last for one week.

This piece of advice was written by Itoro-Obong Umoh

A Publicist,writer, Activist and a contemporary politician

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