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Senator Omo-Agege Reveals who has the final say in the Senate Presidency in the Ninth Assembly



Senator Bukola Saraki will NOT make it to the senate as he did not win his re-election bid. The office of the senate president is now open for a real contest loyal senators to the party but the senator representing Delta Central said this while speaking to our correspondent;  that President Muhammadu Buhari will be actively involved in the process of selecting the next leader of the Senate.

Speaking to the DailyTells on Wednesday, Omo-Agege said the President and the ruling Party (APC) would avoid the 2015 mistake that led to the emergence of Sen. Bukola Saraki as the president of the Senate.

 Senator Omo-Agege, was quoted as saying “Anybody who is going to be Senate President, in the 9th Senate, must be somebody who is loyal to Mr. President, the party and the constitution.

“The Senate President will be determined by Mr. President. Mr. President will indicate to us through the party who he wants to work with.”

While answering question on Zoning formula and asked if the party has zoned thr senate presidency to any geo-political zone: he said “I don’t Know”

 “But what I can tell you is that we are going to have a Senate that will work with M.r President.

“The era of allowing renegades who rode on the back of Mr President, who rode on the back of the party to go in there and trade the party’s mandate, I think that era is gone.

“I am very hopeful that this time around, Mr President will step in and decide not only the zone that will produce the Senate president and the leadership but also who should be.

“We don’t want to erect another opposition leader in the Senate, as we had in the 8th Assembly.

“There are a lot of us in the Senate who are returning to the next senate who fits into that position. We are so many but any decision the President makes, we will all fall in line and abide.

“We want President Buhari to succeed and it is all in our place, some of us who are close to him, to tell him certain calls he should not make because we know ourselves in the National Assembly and we do not want a repeat of the Saraki saga as we go back to the ninth Senate.” he said.

But there is an indication the the senator representing Delta Central, Senator Omogege may likely give a shot for the post of senate president recalling his sacrifice to the party.


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