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Senator Akon Eyakenyi condemns hate speech bill



Eyakenyi against hate speech

Senator Akon Eyakenyi, representing Eket Senatorial District, Akwa Ibom State speaks against hate speech bill currently in the senate for consideration and passage to bill.

Akon, declared her stand on the issue that, the people she represents believe that democracy can only be achieved from freedom of speech.

Her words: “The good people of Akwa Ibom South Senatorial District believe that democracy thrives on free speech and citizens’ freedom to express their opinions on how best they feel they should be governed. 

She also reminded her colleagues in politics that they mandate in their possession was give to the by the people.

“The mandates we hold as senators are in trust for the people and the powers we exercise are delegated by the people with whom power resides. Therefore, any attempt to shut up and threaten the owners of the mandate from freely holding their opinions in line with our laws shall strongly be resisted by me.

The Senator make strong point by referring their colleagues to the decision of  ECOWAS Court of Justice and the African Court of Human Rights, that  the duo had in time past declared such law as illegal.

“Across the globe, infringements on human rights and free press is condemnable. We must therefore be careful not to portray ourselves as a country that is sliding into intolerance and, we must not allow the rights we fought for and won to be abrogated by misconceived opinions.

“I therefore condemn in the strongest terms, the proposed pieces of legislation which in my judgement are not in the best interest of our image as Africa’s Big Brother. Let it be on record that I stand against these bills and that my constituents reject them in totality. Death penalty as canvassed by one of the proposals is without argument outrageous and such dangerous signal must not be sent out to the international community about our human rights records.” Akon Eyakenyi said

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