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Senator Akapbio Cannot be considered for Ministerial Appointment because that will be Suicidal for the Party – Presidency



APC Akpabio surrenders

The former senate minority leader Senator Godswill Akpabio who recently reconciled with Minister of Transport, Rt. Hon. Chibike Ameachi, his former counterpart as a governor to build bridges for his future political ambition and relevance in the ruling All Progressive Party since he lost election in his bid to returned to senate has met his waterloo as the source in the Presidency and also high ranking chieftain of APC who pleaded anonymity, disclosed that Akpabio’s name is not among those considered for ministerial appointment.

The chieftain was quoted as saying:

“Yes, Akpabio was a commissioner who served throughout the 2 terms of his predecessor Gov. Attah, later he became governor for 8 years, and minority leader in the senate for 3 years plus. But, note all these were given to him by the opposition who are the ruling party in his state and now he is a senator under APC by defection and not by election.

“In the just concluded 2019 general election we lost every position in the state, from governorship, National assembly to the Hose of Assembly though the outcome has been challenged in the court but you and I know that Akpabio did not prove his worth. Is either his people rejected him totally or we overrated him. Recall that Buhari had more than 38 percent in the same election he lost more than 85 percent”.

Senator Akpabio cannot be considered for any ministerial appointment because that will be suicidal for the party in the state. He could not deliver his senatorial district as a senator which concentration is on the constituency in the state. Ministerial job is versatile, your scope of work covers the entire federation. Which of the ministers uses his influence and connections to win the state for the party? None, except His Excellency Dr. Fayemi of Ekiti state who contested and won Fayose’s candidate of PDP.

Akpabio is not contesting gubernatorial elections in 2023, same with his senatorial District. Akwa Ibom State adheres to zoning arrangement and is binding on all political party including our Party APC.

As a ruling party we need Akwa Ibom State and will not misplaced leadership to parochialism. The governorship position come 2023 in Akwa Ibom will be keenly contested by Uyo senatorial district because is their turn to produce a governor; we will join in their zoning arrangement to produce the next governor of the state.

Luckily for us we have good hands from that senatorial district that can be positioned for the job. Some of them had given a shot for the job before now. We have senator Udoedeghe who is the chieftain of the party, a pillar of the party with uncompromised followership and has contested for governorship before now and he still very active in politics. He was Chairman Uyo local government, a former senator and a former minister. He contested primaries with Nsima Ekere in the just concluded elections.

We also have Umana Umana who served as former commissioner of finance for 8 years, Secretary to state government for 7 years plus and a gubernatorial candidate for APC in 2015. He was the only one that had the war chest to challenge Udom Emmanuel who was Akpabio’s anointed candidate in 2015. He is currently director of Oil and Gas free zone; he is from Uyo senatorial district which even clears way for him to contest.

Another brilliant and astute politician from that zone is Senator Ita Enang, who is a “parliamentarian per excellence”. Enang started politics as a counselor then moved to house of assembly, House of Representatives in 1999 to 2011, Senator from 2011 to 2015. He joined APC in 2015 and became Presidential adviser on Legislative matters. His wealth of experience in legislative activities and now with the presidency put him among the best for the job for the state. He is also from Uyo senatorial district in which his federal constituency has not produce the governor, deputy or minister before.

As a party of progressives, we will invest on those that will give maximum result now and for the future. You may want to ask is ministerial appointments for political preparations? Then I will answer you with this rhetorical question; why do you send your child to school if not to be useful to you and your family both now and for the future.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am not holding brief for the president whose power is to appoint ministers but this is the true situation. Ministerial appointment will be given to Uyo senatorial district in preparation for the task ahead. Thank you”

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