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See Prophet Joshua Iginla’s 44 Prophecies on Biafra, Nigeria,Trump, Kanu, and others



Prophet Joshua Iginla Prophecies

The General Overseer of Champions Royal Assembly, Prophet Joshua Iginla has release 44 most powerful prophecies for year 2020.

His predictions for year 2020 is about terrorism, Donald trump, Nnamdi Kanu’s popularity and international recognition for Biafra.

Among his 44 Prophecies released is that the agitation for the Republic of Biafra will receives International recognition in 2020.

He also revealed about the controversies that awaits the All Progressive Congress before the end of the year.

The Clergy prophesy on the US President, Donald Trump and the tough time currently going on in his government.

He Prophecy that: “President Trump will go through all the saga, it will be tough but he will come out of it and it will make him very popular.”

Iginla also predicted the persecution of Christians in Nigeria this year.

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Read Prophet Joshua Iginla’s 44 Prophecies for 2020

1. The government of the day will do her best to see how to improve the life of the common man but I see a lot of battles.

2. The economy will suffer a lot of setbacks . I am not a prophet of doom but I see a lot of hardship, it will take God’s intervention to see what we desire to see.

3. God’s hand is upon Nigeria. We are passing through a process and we are still in incubation period. It will take time for us to see that, which we desire as a nation.

4. We have to pray because of what I sensed that we don’t Get a reoccurrence of what we have been delivered from in the past.

5. I see another kind of terrorism that is not good. And it’s coming from the region we least expect in this county.

6. The government of the day will try all her best to handle a lot of things but we have to pray that the overwhelming battle coming should not overwhelm the government of the day.

7. I see a mighty protest that will rise up this year from an angle we least expect. It’s going to be very strong. It’s a massive protest and I see a counter-protest to this massive protest. We have to pray strongly that God in his infinite mercy should help and keep Nigeria in the midst of these storms.

8. The government of the day will try all her best to handle a lot of things but we have to pray that the overwhelming battle coming should not overwhelm the government of the day.

9. I see a serving Governor who is already having an health issue should pray to finish his tenure while serving.

10a. I am not a prophet of doom but I must tell you the truth we have not seen the end of the Biafra agitation. This year it will take another turn and continue to grow like that.

10b. Still on the Biafra movement. It would not die. Between 2020.2021 and 2022 we will see a dimension that will be very strategic. A lot of you will ask me why is he always talking about Biafra. It’s because of what am seeing. It won’t die at all. This battle will carry another dimension internationally and not locally.

And the young man at the center of this thing will wax strong with international presence. And I see other people putting hands on his shoulder.

If we don’t pray and do the needful with our Igbo brothers, there is going to be a time that things will fall apart. The only way to solve this is to do justice.

I see a strong strategic battle so that a nation will not come out of a nation. I saw a wild lion and so many lions with the same features around him.

Those in government here should pray very well. There is going to be a lot of international embarrassment for Governors, Ministers, Senators, and others. Some clothes will be torn and some beaten. It’s going to be bad. Let’s just pray and do the needful.

11. I see a nation coming out of a nation. I don’t know when and I don’t know-how. We have to pray for the unity of this country.

12. Top politicians in Ghana will face a lot of battles.

Meanwhile, read the complete 44 prophecies here


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