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Prophet David Owuor says the World will end on 12th April 2020 at night



12th of April 2020 the world will come to an end at night

Prophet David Owuor, popularly called “Mightiest Prophet of the Lord” has prophesied on the date the world will end.

The Kenyan acclaimed prophet revealed that on 12th of April 2020 the world will come to an end at night.

He also alleged that he would exit the scene just like Jesus Christ did but that his will be after he completes his witnessing assignment on earth.

Owuor, claimed that he would be assassinated in the City of Jerusalem but would be taken up to heaven by God.

He however in his claims said after his assassination, his body would be abandoned and denied burial.

Prophet Dr Edward David Owuor is one of the most popular preachers of the modern era in Kenya.

Emphasizing on the world ending on 12th April 2020 is one of the prophesies many people are waiting for.

But, if it come to pass how and who will tell the story?

On his dead what if he is not assassinated will he commit suicide?

“I will be assassinated after witnessing. My body will lie there. I will be denied burial and on the third day he would take me up. I will be assassinated in Jerusalem, Israel”.

Meanwhile, see some of his prophesies that has fulfilled in Keyan

1. He prophecy locust invading their farm land if the don not repent.

”Repent and turn away from wickedness, one has to bow down and worship the Lord, that these things may not happen to you.”

However, on December 18, 2019 The Food and Agriculture Organisation had warned that locusts would invade countries within the Horn of Africa.

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