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Prof. Jega finally Speaks on INEC Server



The former chairman of Independence National Electoral Commission, Professor Attahiru Jega, has finally responded to the issue surrounding the INEC server.


He has denied making any statement on the existence of a server during his tenure as INEC chairman of the commission.


Professor Jega, who conducted the election that brought President Buhari to power denied making any the statement connecting to “INEC server”, describing it as ‘reckless’.


Prof. Jega, in a circulated comments on social media and some online and print media was quoted as saying that the INEC server existed and is ‘functional,’ even in his own time.


In a text message send to Premium Times, Professor Jega denied making the statement, describing it as ‘reckless.


In his defense to the allegation he noted that the commission under his watch did not, at any time, transmit results electronically.


“This is another lie mischievously attributed to me. I never said this. Besides, INEC during my time did not do electronic transmission of results. Under our current electoral laws, it is illegal to do so.


“I am at a loss as to why some reckless people go the extra mile to attribute things to me, which I have never said. I have never said this. It is a repugnant lie,” the text message read.


The INEC national commissioner, Solomon Soyebi, on Monday, June 17, said contrary to speculations in the polity, the commission did not transmit results of the 2019 presidential elections electronically to its server. He, however, said INEC experimented the use of electronic transmission of results with Anambra, Sokoto and Osun elections held before 2019 elections, stressing that the technology was not deployed during the 2019 general elections.


But it will be recalled that more than 1trillion naira was given to INEC fro the updating of server and transmission of the results electronically.

On Monday, Mr. Solomon Soyebi was quoted thus:


“We piloted the use of transmission of election results electronically in Sokoto, in Anambra, even in Osun. What happened was that we were trying to pilot to see the desirability of such technology in our electoral process.


“First, our budget came out very late, there was also an issue of the Electoral Act. For these and some other reasons, the commission did not adopt that option. 2019 elections were conducted according to law.”


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