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Political Evolution in Kogi as the State elects new Governor



Kogi State has been evolving since 1991 and today 16 November, the citizens and the dwellers are electing a new governor for the State.

This is how the State has been fairing since it creation.

Kogi State was created on 27 August,1991 by General Ibarahim Babangida.

Created out of Benue State and Kwara State in 1991 the following leaders has lead the State.

Successively, four military administrator and 5 civilians governors has ruled the State.

In 1991, Danladi Mohammed Zakari was the first Military administrator from 28th august 1991 till January 1992.

The first democratically elected governor was Prince Audu Abubakkar in 1992, where he served from 1992 to November 1993 before the June 12 where Abiola’s Presidential election was annulled and  Audu’s tenure was truncated.

In 9th December, 1993 Colonel Paul Omeruo ruled the State till 22 August, 1996.

In 22 August, 1996 Colonel Bzigu Afakiya took over as the third military Administrator and lead the State till August 1998.

Augustine Aniebo took over as the last Administrator from August 1998 till May 1999 and handover the State to an elected governor emerged.

In 29th May, 1999, Prince Audu Abubakkar was re-elected as  the second elected governor, he governed the State from May 29th, 1999 to May 29th 2003.

However, the third elected governor of the State was Captain Idris Wada, governed from May 29, 2003 to 6th February 2008.

Idris did not completed his tenure as it was truncated by the Supreme Court judgement as the Speaker of Kogi State, House of Assembly was sworn in as the acting governor.

From February 6, 2008, Clarence Olufemi was sworn in as the Acting governor till election was conducted and he handed over to the winner which was Idris Wada.

Idris took over and completed his four years tenure from 28th March, 2008 to January 11, 2011.

In January 12, 2011 Captain Idris was elected as governor and ruled for four years till January 2016.

Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello became the governor of Kogi State due to the demised of Prince Audu that died during the conclusion of the election.

Bello who was second in the Party Primaries took over the mantle as enshrine in the constitution that the Party can only sponsored a candidate in any elections.

Today, another leader will certainly emerged as Kogi decides who lead them in the next four years.

Notably about Kogi State and how they choose their leaders:

The State is also known as Confluence State because of the confluence of River Niger and River Benue at its capital She is among the States in the middle Belt (North Central).

The State has a total population of about 3,313,043 (2006 Census).

Kogi State has twenty-one (21) local government areas:











Koton Karfe









Yagba East

Yagba West

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