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I Really Need Your Advice Now – Determined Woman



I need your advice to excel in life ahead, please advice me on what to do

My name is Angela, I really need your advice now at this point in my life, as the saying goes, no man is an island.

I really need your advice because of the decision i have already taken because i don’t have much time to spent in Nigeria.

“My current husband got me impregnated nine years ago while we were still dating.

I had no other option than to marry him then because he promised me heaven and earth while we were dating.

But, in fact, I was jobless then.

He met with my family and informed them that he is going to marry me but not in the court (court marriage).

My Parents persuaded him to legalized our marriage in the court, but he made it looked as if I was a giveaway.

I cried and begged him severally to see reasons with me and legalize his marriage with me if he cares about me but he refused and stood his grounds.

Your advice is Kindly needed to know what to do

To be very candid, i even went further to bring in his family members to help me talked to him and tried to convinced him but they told me that, he’s old enough to decide for himself.

He refused to do white wedding because my church also requested for a court certificate, before they can wed us.

Because of all these travail, we ended up with only traditional marriage.

I went further and applied all the machinery to plead with him to legalize our marriage in court but he still refused, so I got tired and gave up on the court marriage.

My dear, I was hurt and heartbroken but I resolved to marry him like that just to save myself and my family from the shame of having a baby outside wedlock.

My dad in particular was very angry and disappointed with him, though he knew but he didn’t give a damn.

He (my day) vowed to see me succeeding as an independent woman with or without him.

Four months after I gave birth to my baby, my dad used his connections to secure a job for me with Oil and Gas Company.

Behold things started changing as I can take care of myself and others with ease.

Though I married him, I never forgave him from my heart and that triggered my actions not to do anything in his name.

I will really appreciate your take on this

As am talking to you now we have three kids together but you know what? None of my properties are linked to my husband, Is with my children’s name.

Now hear this, though i will still want you to advice me on what to do.

I never used my husband name as my next of kin in anything either.

Hear this, just last month my company transferred me to one of our branches in Texas.

Do know what?

The company wants to pay for my entire family to relocate with me to Texas.

To be very sincere with you, my husband lost his job and his business is not doing well at all.

My husband is willing to relocate with me to Texas also but we have no legal certificate to show that we are married.

Now my husband wants us legalized our marriage in court and I said “No” in short CAPITAL NO.

My dad even threatened to disown me if I ever tried going with him to court to do anything.

He has been going around everywhere, tagging me as a bad wife who isn’t loyal to her husband and also spoiling my family’s name.

My husband’s family members have been calling me trying to persuade me but I also told them I’m old enough to make my decisions too.

Nine years ago he stood his ground not to marry in the court and I am not willing to shift my ground.” I am traveling with my kids.

Can You offer a solution to this?

Please what’s your take on this? Because, I really need your advice as am about traveling.

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