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Colonel Emmanuel Nwobosi speaks on Biafra, says the time is now (Video)



Emmanuel Nwobosi speaks on Biafra

Colonel Emmanuel Nwobosi speaks on Biafra, make more revelations why time for the actualisation of the Biafra Nation is now.

That he is not afraid of anything, at his age others should speak up for the future of the younger generation.

Nwobosi said in the video; it is time to be bold, i am too old to lie. I am not afraid to die.

It is time to tell you why we had to try.

He also revealed that he was a ‘coup planner’.

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I am the last of the original coup planners of January 15, 1966 with Major Kaduna Nzeogwu.

His word: “We organised a group of progressives military officers to carry out a coup on 15th 1966 to stop Jihad  and bring sanity to Nigeria; stopped nepotism, corruption and mass murder.

“Ahmadu Bello, was using us in the Army to repress the middle belt and western Nigeria.

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