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Nnamdi Kanu speaks on Ametokun (Full Speech)



Nnamdi Kanu on Ametokun

The leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi kanu has given an updates on what he will do to support Ametokun operations.

He made this known on his live broadcast on Radio Biafra on 24th January.

Nnamdi Kanu said he will lead a support 1million Men to Support Yorubas to succeed on Ametokun.

He also spoke on Miyetti Allah, that they never knew that Yoruba People will Come to their senses after working for them as slaves.

That, Sending Governors from the South-West back to their State Assemblies for resolve is a ploy to unravel Amotekun.

He warned that Federal Government will target an Islam dominated Yoruba state to flaw the Amotekun push.

The idea of a wider regional conflict in Africa if Nigeria breaks up is flimsy.

Zero tolerance to Fulani Herdsmen.

No Igbo Governor can take the Gov, Akeredolu’s stance on giving up second term ambition to serve his people.

The IPOB Leader said, no Biafran will fight any Yoruba man on behalf of Fulanis.

CAN should stop asking for praying and fasting because this terrorist are with AK-47, let everyone goes their separates way.

He called on the South west and Middle belt to ask Biafrans for forgiveness because of what they did.

Yorubas are going through what Igbos did 50 years ago between 1965 – 1970.

Governors from the east conspired to destroy BSS, A similar body to Amotekun set up by IPOB in 2017.

Below is the full speech of Kanu’s live broadcast on Ametokun.


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