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Nnamdi Kanu takes Biafra agitation to EU Parliament



Nnamdi Kanu on what china will do

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, on Tuesday, took his agitation for the realization of a Sovereign State called Biafra to the EU Parliament.

The IPOB pioneer told the parliament that it was the evil treatment distributed by the President Muhammadu Buhari-drove All Progressives Congress (APC) organization that irritated the circumstance that intensified the disturbance for Biafra.

In a paper displayed by Nnamdi Kanu to the EU Parliament and made accessible to correspondents by IPOB’s Deputy Leader, Uche Mefor, Kanu called attention to that “after the Nigeria Biafra Civil war, Biafrans gradually reconstructed their reality, however to the extent Nigeria was concerned, they were not and never had been Biafrans, they were Nigerians from South east or Igbo-speaking Nigerians.

“Biafran war was enhanced with Photoshop out of the Nigerian awareness. Biafrans could just murmur regarding their misfortune.

“Joining the worldwide Biafran diaspora was one choice for the individuals who could escape the nation; other stayed in Biafra land, their Biafran character among themselves, undiminished.

“Nigeria pioneers especially the present organization of Buhari keeps on organizing smashing declarations of Biafra personality has been the request for the day as even gently celebrating the war dangers capture, confinement restricted sick treatment or being shot.

“As of late the Nigerian state experts have led three organized crusades against Biafrans, and the three Operation Python Dance military tasks have been fights focused against the Biafrans, the first being in 2016 and the second in 2017 and the third that is progressing, all intended to undermine calls for Biafra self assurance.

Activity Python Dance crusades are loaded down with terrorizing, genuine and foundational human rights infringement did by the state without any potential repercussions and IPOB which is a voice for Biafrans for self assurance, a peaceful gathering being constantly focused for pulverization.

“It is simply the assurance of the IPOB to guarantee self assurance by calling for choice that the Buhari drove Nigerian government chose to mark it as a fear based oppressor association, a declaration the EU, the United Kingdom and United States of America have all rejected.

“Nigeria is the issue not the arrangement, including that Nigeria has consistently been a fiction since it was made for British authoritative and pilgrim self control in 1914, having drawn together affirmed edgy individuals into one element.

“Biafrans don’t communicate in a similar language, the same number of communicate in Igbo, and others speak Urhobo-Isoko, Ijaw-Epie-Ogbia, Ogoni, Efik, Annang, Eket, Oron-Ibibio, Ogoja, Ejagham, Igala, Idoma Ibani and Igbanke among others.

“To put Biafra in its Nigeria geo-political setting, Biafraland is comprised of Rivers Province Cross Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Ebonyi, Imo, Anambra, Abia, Enugu, Bayelsa, and Delta and the Fulani herders have indicated enthusiasm for the territories from the focal belt of Biafra, for example, Enugu.

Kanu further expressed that the Biafra oppression began with the Independence as one frontier ace was supplanted by another and that Biafran fared preferred under the British over they have under Nigerian strength.

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