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Nnamdi Kanu accused Ahmadu Bello, Fulani people as initiators hate speech in Nigeria



When will the world take action to stop violence

Nnamdi Kanu, Leader of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has accused that the late Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello was the initiator of hate speech in Nigeria.

Kanu made his claim that Bello and the people of the Fulani extraction were the first to test hate Speech against non-Muslims to propel their political mastery in Nigeria.

An announcement by IPOB’s representative, Emma Power cited Kanu as saying: “Sir Ahmadu Bello the preliterate Fulani Caliphate medieval ruler with his crude xenophobic inclinations was and still remains the undisputed forebear of hate speech and irredeemable hater of non-Muslim ethnic groups in the lamentable British provincial examination known as Nigeria.

“Fulani were the first to use detest discourse to propel their mastery of the political space in Nigeria, yet today they need to smother discussion and analysis. I recommend this reality manage the considering Almajiri officials supporting this bill.

“A few occupants of the detestable punishment, particularly those from the south-with their twisted and confused feeling of enthusiasm, still suit the unpleasant and out and out insensible perspectives on the Janjaweed solidarity asking desert staying dairy animals cherishing criminals.

He further said, “England should close their African Zoo to help put the creatures that occupy it out of their aggregate wretchedness and misery.

“Here is undisguised and raw hatred from core Arewa North as represented by Sir Ahamdu Bello in this BBC interview. Are these the type of hypocrites you want to share the same country with? Heaven forbid!”

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