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Nigerians reacts as Kalu bags 12 years jail term



Nigerians reacts 12 years jail term

As the former governor of Abia State, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu has been sentenced to 12 years jail term after he was found guilty of fraud and money laundering, Nigerians reacts.

Nigerians take to the streets, different social media to comment on this latest development in Buhari’s administration of fighting corruption.

It was observed that the 12 year sentence given to Kalu is the highest among the 39 counts convicting the defendants, the lowest sentence being three years.

Kalu’s company, Slok Nigeria Ltd was ordered to be forfeited to the federal government.

Nigerians reacts to Kalu’s 12 year jail term

“This how the 12 years was calculated by the judge

Orji = 4

Uzor = 4

Kalu = 4

“The judge calculated his jailed term with the numbers from his name, 4+4+4 = 12

“Some says it’s all about 2023 because, they know that he has the financial muscle to fight them.

“Kalu sins were not fully forgiven, APC only used him to achieve their aim.

“The man is suffering from what he did to Fulanis when he was a governor, he fought them during his tenure as the governor, they say even if it 100 years they will fight back.

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“Today is Kalu tomorrow is red for Rochas and others in Igbo Land.

“After all the paparazzi show for APC, e still cast for Kalu, Stealing is corruption and OUK should know.
Meanwhile, fed govt cannot managed Slok.

“The good thing bi say APC no dey owe d guy. The gave him ticket, he won election, they also made him a principal officer for the senate…..make e go return Abians money, go to jail and stay condemned.

“Stealing is not corruption. The north is systematically… Taking over indigenous properties.

“I won’t have any pity on him, he thinks ass licking the Fulani Masters will exonerate him from persecution. More trying times for many South East Business men, Buhari is out to crush the economic strength of the South Easterners and render them economically impotent.

Meanwhile, from our research, none of the South Eastern Politicians has said anything about the judgement, they are mute on the issues.

Even PDP, South West Politicians  from APC are not saying anything, only those in government are gyrating.

According to Nigerians that reacts to Kalu’s 12 years jailed term, urged Buhari to visit Bachair Lawal’s case



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