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Nigerians Call on Atiku Abubakkar to Lead the Protest Against Hike In Fuel Price



Atiku to lead Protest against buhari

Some Nigerians have called on the former Presidential aspirant of Peoples’ Democratic Party, Alhaji Atiku Abubakkar to come out and lead the protest against @Buhari the President’s increment in fuel price.

As  earlier reported by Daily Tells Nigeria, Atiku took to his social media account to condemned Mr. Buhari’s decision to increase the fuel price to N151.56.

However, his followers on both the facebook and twitter accounts has beckoned on him to come out to the street and protest and not on the social media.

Some even said if he meant what he said and he is prepared to lead in 2023, he should lead them in a street protest as they he did during former President, Goodluck Jonathan.

Atiku’s Statement:

“I reject the increased electricity tariffs. Coming out of the lockdown, Nigerians need a stimulus, not an impetuous disregard for the challenges they face.

“Many Nigerians have not earned an income for months, due to no fault of theirs. This increase is ill-timed and ill-advised.

Read his followers response below:

“Dear H. E. @atiku, come out and lead Nigerians in a nationwide protest!

“We need you on the street to lead the protest,leave this Twitter street and come on the real street mr President!

“Don’t wait for anybody or wanting anybody to lead, you can lead as well it’s our right let’s fight for ourselves.

“We are not waiting for him come 2023 if he can’t come out and lead a protest, nothing for him. He sponsored people in 2015, he can still do it not ranting on twitter.

“We are waiting for you in 2023 to reverse this negative pandemic of a government.
“Atiku means jobs and economic prosperity. You are a business man and you know what it means to run a business in Nigeria.
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