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Learn How to Make Mayonnaise at Home



How to make Mayonnaise

Do you know that you can actually produce mayonnaise by yourself?

Yes you can! it is very cheap and more hygienic.

Instead of buying fake Bama mayonnaise just Do It Yourself (DIY) within 5 minutes it will be ready.


3 Eggs, Lemon, Table spoon of sugar, Pinch of salt and vegetable oil (eg. power oil or and type)



Break the raw eggs in a bowl and remove the yoke

Put the yoke in a blender

Cut your lemon into halves then juice it out and remove the seeds

Then pour the juice  into the blender add pinch of salt and sugar, then blend together, little by little

Add your Vegetable oil, while blending till it become thick.

That’s all.

Note: Mayonnaise is simply an emulsion of oil and egg yolks. Or Mayonnaise is simply a mixture of vegetable oil and raw egg yolks together until the mixture thickens and becomes creamy.



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