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Ishaku disagreed with Buhari, Ruga is Colonialism



Governor Ishaku disagreed with Buhari,Ruga is colonialism

Governor of Taraba state, Darius Ishaku disagreed with Buhari’s Ruga initiative, says Ruga is colonialism which is another form of slavery.

 The Governor said RUGA should not only be suspended but cancelled.

Ishaku disagreed with Buhari, Ruga is Colonialism

The federal government under the leadership of President Buhari had initiated the idea of addressing unending clashes between cattle rearers and farmers in Nigeria’s local communities.

It will be recalled that due to outcry from the public, the initiative was suspended but the governor of Taraba state insisted that it should be cancelled completely.

While fielding questions from the journalists at the government house in Jalingo, on Tuesday, Ishaku said such policy cannot work in his state.

Reason his rejection is that Taraba state government already has a law prohibiting open grazing in the state.

Ishaku went further to explain that he requested for loan from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to facilitate ranching in the state but was turn down.

The statement reads:

“This is not about cattle; not even about the grasses”.

This process should not only be suspended, but should also be cancelled completely,” Ruga is colonialism; he claimed

“In my opinion the whole Ruga scheme should be canceled completely. Ruga can’t be done in the whole country.

Taraba people don’t accept that. It is not workable, and it will not work in my state.

“Already, I have in place the Anti-Open Grazing Law in Taraba state that prohibits open grazing but encourages ranching. And we are making a lot of progress on ranching.

“I submitted a request to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for us (Taraba) to be given a loan for us to do the ranching but the CBN has refused to approve it, for reasons I don’t know.

“Otherwise, I would have showcased what ranching is in Taraba state. It is the best form of practice in modern days, if indeed you are talking about cattle, grasses and grazing.

“But I don’t think the federal government is talking about cattle; I do not agree that they are talking about grasses. Maybe they are referring to something else. Maybe colonization.”

Ishaku, also described the democracy practised by the APC lead government as “embarrassing and insulting” while reacting to the siege to his residence in Abuja by the police.

However, the Nigerian police raided the Abuja residence of the governor in June.

Claiming to have a search warrant from the special presidential investigation panel (SPIP).

Ishaku said he was surprised the ruling All Progressive Congress – APC turn a blind eyes on such action without condemning it.

“I feel very bad that the democratic government of the APC is not living according to the tenets of our constitution. It is very disgraceful, embarrassing and insulting,” he questioned

“I was shocked that only my party, the Peoples Democratic Party condemned the police’s siege on my house.

APC didn’t talk about it. I hope they have governors? Can somebody walk into an APC governor’s house and search it?

“They broke my gate, and all the doors, threw out my children. I used two years to beg them (children) to come back to Nigeria. Now, one of them has gone back, I’m still begging him to come back to Nigeria. This is nonsense.”

According to Governor Ortom of Benue state the fedearal government has no land in Benue for Ruga

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