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INEC issued 102 certificates of return to senators and 338 to House of Reps



INEC has received court judgement

National Assembly elections might have come and gone and certificate of returns to elected members of Assembly both upper and lower chambers were issued to members elect. The certificate was given to only those whose names were in the INEC website.

According to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the 102 Senators- elect have received their certificates of return while the 338 Members of House of Representatives-elect has been issued also.

It would also be recalled that some of the names of the most powerful politicians in APC were excluded from the INEC list, like Rochas Okorocha who is the out-going governor of Imo State  and also Former Minority leader, Senator Godswill Akpabio who did win at polls but giving hopes to his supporters that he will reclaim his mandate at the tribunal did not also made the list.

Going by the list of candidates elected in the February 23rd and March 9th polls, APC has 63 seats in the senate while PDP has with 38 with YPP securing one.

Seven seats have been declared inconclusive and will be contested for on the 23rd March supplementary poll.

For the House of Representative, the ruling party All Progressive Congress APC also has the majority of elected members.

According to the results of the election, APC has 211 members-elect to PDP’s 111. Which means at the moment APC is leading with 100 members.

Other political parties Secured 16 seats with APGA securing 6, ADC 3, Action Alliance 2, Peoples Redemption Party -two, African Democratic Party- one, Allied Peoples Movement -one and Social Democratic Party-one.

There are still 22 seats still up for grabs.

The 22 are declared inconclusive and supplementary elections have been fixed for 23rd March except for Rivers state that the commission is yet to take action.

INEC has fixed 23rd March for all outstanding polls except that of Rivers.

The two major parties will be slugging it out in Sokoto, Adamawa, Bauchi, Kano, Plateau and Benue states where polls were inconclusive. But, Bauchi

In all, there are 526,892 votes for grasp in the six states.  In Sokoto state, where the PDP is leading with 3,413 votes, there are 75,493 votes to fight for.

In Adamawa, PDP with 367, 471 as against APC’s 334,995 is leading with 32,476.

There are 40,998 votes to fight for in the state.

In Bauchi, it is also a close call as PDP leads with 4,059 votes. Meanwhile INEC has reverse herself from conducting the rerun in the Tafa Belewa LGA which is even the strong hold of PDP, INEC has fixed March 18 finished up with the collation of the result in that area.

There are 139,240 votes at stake come 23rd March. The PDP has 469,512 while APC has 465,453.

In Benue State, PDP leads with 81,554 votes and the outstanding votes to contest for is 121, 011.

While in Plateau APC is leading with 44,929 votes. APC and PDP will be fighting for larger share from 49,377.

In Kano State, PDP is leading by 26,664 votes. The outstanding vote is 100,873.

On Rivers state, investigation panel has submitted their report to the commission and INEC has fixed 20th of March for the Re-run of elections in six LGA.

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