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I will Deal with Bandits, Next President Should Secure Nigeria – Buhari



Nigeria’s President, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) said his government would explore military might in dealing with bandits in the Northwest.

Buhari made this statement while addressing the people of Borno during his official working visit to the State.

The president noted that the next government should work to secure the country.

According to Buhari, only a secured country can be managed.

His word: “I am adequately aware of successes here and our failure elsewhere especially in my geopolitical zone, the North West, where it is the same people, the same culture who are steal ing each other’s properties, killing each other, what for?

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“We have ordered and started receiving military hardwares from United State of America; Aircraft, Helicopters, Armoured vehicles and we are going to be very very hard on them.

“The problem is in the North West as I said, is same people, same culture, we are going to deal with them.

“I know and I swear with the Holy Quran, which I believe with that I will uphold the Constitution of the country, by that I must go in 17 months time, and I will go, God willing, and I hope whoever is coming will try to do the three things I tried to do. One, secure the country because unless the country is secured, it cannot be managed.”