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History of Akwa Ibom State at a glance



Akwa Ibom

Akwa Ibom State was created from Cross River State on 23rd September, 1987 by Rtd. General Ibrahim Babangida (GCFR) alongside Kasitna State.

At the time of its creation, she was one of the 21 states in Nigeria and today, she is among the 36 States of the Federal Republic of Nig. Including the F.C.T. Abuja

Akwa Ibom state’s capital is Uyo and the state is also nicknamed “The Land of Promise” – The Land of Fulfillment.

The state is blessed with different mineral resources like Crude oil, Natural gas, Salt Aluminum, Iron Ore, Limestone, Coal, and Glass Sand.

Other cash crops that are grown in the state include oil palm, rubber, cocoa, kolanut, cocoanut, rubber, cocoa, cocoanut, citrus, cassava, yam, maize, rice, pineapple, cowpeans, plantain, banana, pumpkin etc.

In terms of marine or aquatic life, its continental shelf and the neighboring estuaries of Cross River, Imo, Quo Iboe and Calabar Rivers are very rich in many varieties of fishes and seafoods.

Akwa Ibom State is bordered by Cross River State, Rivers State, Rivers state, Abia State and Atlantic Ocean on the East, West and South respectively.

31 Local Governments and their headquarters in Akwa Ibom State

1 Abak Abak
2 Eastern Obolo Okoroete
3 Eket Eket
4 Esit Eket Uquo
5 Essien Udium Afaha Ikot Ebak
6 Etim Ekpo Utu Etim Ekpo
7 Etinan Etinan
8 Ibeno Upenekang
9 Ibesikpo Asutan Nnung Udoe
10 Ibiono Ibom Okoita
11 Ika Udua Inyang
12 Ikono Ibiaku Ntok Okpo
13 Ikot Abasi Ikot Abasi
14 Ikot Ekpene Ikot Ekpene
15 Ini Odoro Ikpe
16 Itu Itu
17 Mbo Enwang
18 Mkpat Ennin Mkpat Enin
19 Nsit Atai Odot
20 Nsit Ibom Afaha Offiong
21 Nsit Ubium Ikot Edibon
22 Obot Akara Nto Edino
23 Okobo Okopedi
24 Onna Abat
25 Oron Oron
26 Oruk Anam Ikot Ibritam
27 Udung Uko Eyofin
28 Ukanafun Ukanafun
29 Uruan Idu
30 Urue-offong/Oruko Urue-offong
31 Uyo Uyo
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