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Things to do When Adsense Account is Disapproved?



Adsense Account is Disapproved

As you already know that google adsense is easiest way to monetize blogs but certain rules must be obeyed before your account is disapproved.

Google Adsense has a very strict TOS and with this they keep banning accounts that does not adhere to their rules of engagements (Adsense TOS).

Most bloggers complain that their google Adsense account is disapproved.

We encourage you to read complete Adesense guide for beginners as this will help to get started.

Adsense only approve quality websites, so if you are applying for adsense account with google you must put into consideration the following rule.

Learn how to create Adsense account

When your google account is disapproved or rejected, you feel disappointed and even discouraged.

Stay tuned with us as we unveil the secrete and solutions for you.

It feels as you should quit, but there’s good news for you.

Don’t apply for the google account again.

Yes, I mean do NOT apply for the particular google account again

There are things you need to do before you apply for the adsense again.

But before we delve into that get the understanding of these two accounts

Disapproved Adsense account and Banned Adsense account

Disapproved Adsense: This is when you apply for an Adsense and Adsense  rejects your application the process is ADSENSE account is disapproved.

Banned Account:  This is when an application is disapproved and you can still reapply for an account.

Whichever way you find yourself, just relax the solution is here.

Note this: Adsense is an advertiser-centric network and their demands from advertisers are highly demanding so they are in need of more publishers to work with.

However, google Adsense still maintain quality in their services as they only accept quality sites with standard contents.

Now, if your application is rejected it means that there’s something you are missing and need to be corrected.

Stay focus and don’t lose hopes

AdSense has six months old blog policy for getting an approved application; notably, 6 month is enough time for a blogger to improve his blog

Don’t have to lose hope.

Please read on for what you should do before reapplying for approval again.

 And Don’t reapply Instantly wait a while

You might have noticed this: When Adsense team rejects an application, they usually mention the reasons like “insufficient content ” “URL you specified is not owned by you“, “Due to copyright material” etc.

Before you reapply you should understand what went wrong in the first instance.

If it was ownership, you can reply the Adsense team and there will be a way of verification to show the ownership of the site and if proof you are the owner based on what they will required of you, your account will be approved.

If it was Plagiarism, you can revisit your site to removed all the materials suspected to be copyrighted and add more original contents and your account will be approved..

Please be careful before you missed it cos you really need to understand you need to understand what went wrong and how you can fix it.

Understand that if you quit here, you have failed and that is not a solution. You need to fix the error and as I mentioned before, you need to work according to their guidelines to get a disapproved adsense account approved.

Redesign your Blog or website

Create a new blog and add few content is not a way out in make good money from google Adsense.

All you need is a well designed blog or website.

Infacts, first impression is very important and it’s your blog design which matters a lot. I advise you to make use of WordPress.

Yes, you can use any professional WordPress theme from premium theme or from dailytells theme, as it’s cheap.

If you are using BlogSpot, use only blogSpot theme which is not only beautiful but professionally looks.

Be careful on sidebar widget and post with lots of blog widgets and different ads.

Note that, once you are approved for Adsense, you can always add as much widget or different ad network if there is need.

Build more traffic and Monetize with other Ad networks

Work on improving the quality of your blog contents. Also, if you are waiting for few months before reapplying, you can use any of the mentioned Adsense alternative ad networks to monetize your blog. You can also take help of direct advertisement or use Buysellads meanwhile.

Recall that most of ad networks expect a quality site before your site can be approved.

Most importantly traffic on your blog is the most needed criteria.

If you have a good traffic to your site, you will be accepted in most of the other ad networks.

Here are some articles which will help you to increase traffic on your site:

Read all rules, terms and conditions carefully

ADSENSE disapproved your application because, “your blog doesn’t meet their guidelines and fulfill all the criteria”. So, read all the conditions carefully and you will find your all mistakes and you can fix it in time.

Mistakes are now cleared

If you have cleared all your mistakes, if not take your study opened and repair and remove. Do not give chances for further  rejecting in your application.

Note this popular mistakes made by beginners, which you should avoid:

Take final test of your blog

We have to left nothing in the room for rejection. So, we will take last test of the blog and clear all the remaining mistakes we found.

Reapply for GOOGLE ADSENSE account

If you have cleared all the error please resubmit your application.

Check, you will find a link in rejected email from Adsense team to reapply for your adsense account.

Another very important tip is to use a custom domain and have a Google apps account.

For you to be approved use your Google apps Email Id to apply for Adsense account. This has been proved by so many bloggers.

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