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Genevieve goes without makeup, fans react to natural beauty



Genevieve goes without makeup

One of the most outstanding Nollywood Actress of all times, Genevieve Nnaji has shared her recent picture without wearing any makeup.

The celebrity posted this picture on her wall and it got her fans talking and they compared her beauty with others.

“We want to compare this photo with another photo where she used makeup and see the difference. And then we can judge if really makeup adds anything to the beauty.

The comparison for the two Genevieve has been highly debated on this online social media platform.

For the interim, those for and against has given their strong points.

However, Daily Tells will publish the outcome of this debate soonest,

Just, few days ago another Nollywood actress, Chaha took tho her Instagram to tell her fans that she’s more beautiful naturally than being fake with makeup.

Meanwhile, the reasons for these new development from these top actress are not to stop people from wearing makeups


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