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Femi Fani Kayode: Speaks on AIT Banned for operation



Fani-Kayode Supporting Amotekum may deprive Southwest 2023

The former minister of Aviation speaks on the federal government ban on AIT.

“CNN insults and manufactures fake news about Donald Trump every day and have dedicated themselves to the cause of removing him from office. All this yet Trump has not closed them down.

Compare that to Nigeria where Buhari has shut down AIT and thrown thousands into unemployment simply because they allowed a few people to mildly criticise the President on their platform.

Is democracy not about free speech and the right to criticise and dissent? Nigerians, as naive, gullible, stoical and docile as ever, still don’t know what they have got themselves into with Buhari.

I warned Nigerians in 2015 and I was maligned and hated for it. I warned Nigerians in 2019 and I was ignored, despised and ostracised for it. It appears that I have been vindicated.

Yet even now Nigerians still don’t know the nature of the monster that plagues and afflicts them. Sadly the worst is yet to come.”

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