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Femi Fani-Kayode rejects being a Yoruba because it means “shady and unreliable”.



Femi rejects Yoruba as a tribe

The former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has rejected to be a Yoruba.

Femi said that is an insult for him to be addressed as a Yoruba.

He accused the Hausa-Fulanis for giving the South-West the name ‘Yoruba’ which means “shady and unreliable”.

“The name “Yoruba” derives from “Yariba” and it means “shady and unreliable”. I reject that strange name and label and I hope and pray that the good people of South Western Nigeria will see the wisdom in doing so too”.

The Former minister took to his facebook to address the issues of the name in his tribe South-west and South East.

The Nigeria’s former Aviation Minister said that Fulanis gave two demeaning and insulting names to the southerners as “Yamiri”, in reference to SE and “Yariba” in reference to SW.

He disclosed that according to Fulanis,  Yamiri means “fetcher of water” which is for South East while Yariba means “shady and unreliable” which is for South West.

According to him the South East had rejected that name but the South West accepted it. The name “Yoruba” derives from “Yariba” and it means “shady and unreliable”.

He dissociated himself from such name and wrote: “I reject that strange name and label and I hope and pray that the good people of South Western Nigeria will see the wisdom in doing so too.”

“I am not a “Yariba” or “Yoruba” but an “Omo Karo Jire” or an “Ooduwan” and my lanuage is not “Yoruba” but “Anago”. We are what we call ourselves. We are not “shady and uneliable”(Yariba) and we must not accept names that are given to us by our historical adversaries.”

He went further to speak on the implication of answering a name “Yoruba”,

“Any Omo Karo Jire or Ooduwan that continues to call himself a “Yoruba” is lost and does not know the implications of what he is doing to his own people. He is simply affirming and confirming an insulting label which has deep sinister, mystical and spiritual connotations.”

“The word “Yoruba” did not even exist until the 18th century and even then most of the tribes of the SW, including the Oyo’s, rejected it due to its origin and meaning. The word “Yoruba” is alien to our culture and not known in the Anago language. Ooduwans please take note.”

“The first time the word “Yoruba” was used as a generic term for ALL the people of the South West Nigeria was in the 19th century by Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther. He did us a great disservice there given the fact that it derives from the word”Yariba” which the Fulani used to describe our people.”

“The meaning of the word “Yariba” is “usurper, deceitful, shady, treacherous, cheating usurer and double-dealing bastard”. Once again I reject that name.”

Femi urges the South west to reject the name in totality

“The good people of South West Nigeria are “Anagos” or “Omo Karo Jire’s” or “Omo Oluabi’s” or “Ooduwans” and we are NOT ‘Yaribas’ or ‘Yorubas’.

I, FFK, a proud Ife, an Anago, an Omo Karo Jire, an Omoluabi, an Ooduwan and a son of Oduduwa, will NEVER answer to the name “Yoruba” again or use it to describe my people. We are better than that.

The British named our nation “Nigeria” meaning “area of darkness” and the Fulani named our ethnic nationality “Yariba”.

Put together this means “a group of deceitful, shady, treacherous usurpers and bastards from an area of darkness”.

Is it any wonder that we are still in servitude and bondage? What a terrible combination. We have been snared by our names.

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