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$9.6bn judgment: FG pays £250,000 cost to P&ID



The Federal Government has paid £250,000 to Process Industrial Developments Limited as ordered by Justice Christopher Butcher of the Commercial Court in London.

The cash was requested to be paid to P&ID as its running expense at the September 26 becoming aware of the London court.

The government, learnt on Wednesday, bid against the request for a similar court which asked that a $200m security installment be made into its record inside 60 days as a condition for a stay of execution of the $9.6bn judgment prior given for P&ID.

Butcher had at the September 26 procedures conceded Nigeria leave to bid against the $9.6bn granted for P&ID over a supposed break of a gas supply agreement labeled Gas Supply Processing Agreement.

In allowing the leave, the court had requested Nigeria to pay the £250,000 cost to P&ID inside 14 days.

Our reporter discovered that Nigeria had the option to beat the 14-day final proposal which passed on Thursday (today).

It was accumulated that the installment was made through the Central Bank of Nigeria.

The Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami (SAN), affirmed the advancement to our reporter in a phone meet on Wednesday.

Malami said in spite of the fact that the administration had requested the request to pay $200m into the court’s record and applied for remain of execution, it paid the £250,000 cost keeping in mind the court.

The pastor stated, “You realize that there are two arrangements of cash included. There is the $200m security installment and there is likewise the £250,000 cost.

“The $200m security installment has not been paid. We have claimed against the request and we have likewise applied for remain of execution of the request.

“Be that as it may, we have paid the cost, which is £250,000, to P&ID. The Nigerian government paid that cost keeping in mind the court.”

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, had last Wednesday said the legislature had guided its attorneys to look for the leave of the Court of Appeal to claim against the decision of Justice Butcher.

Aside from the $200m, the clergyman said the administration would have the option to look for a discount of the £250,000 it was approached to pay to P&ID when the intrigue succeeded.

Mohammed contended that in opposition to claims by P&ID and “its companions”, the administration appointment’s outing to London was a fruitful one.

Depicting the assignment’s crucial a gigantic triumph, the clergyman said the firm had each motivation to be concerned that the $9.6bn assertion granted to it could be upset.

He stated, “The Federal Government has a decent shot of being fruitful in its looming claim, generally the business court would not have permitted the intrigue.

“If it’s not too much trouble note that Nigeria will have the option to request a discount of the £250,000 to P&ID when the administration wins the intrigue. This reality is being covered up by the individuals who have been turning the London judgment in their own support.

“On the $200m installment as a condition for the conceding of the stay of execution, Nigeria has trained its legal advisors to look for the leave of the Court of Appeal to request against that installment.

“Nigerians ought to be guaranteed that the Federal Government is making every essential move to firmly profit itself of all barriers generally stood to sovereign states under the United Kingdom Sovereign Immunity Act to battle and upswing any implementation of the honor.

“In the expressions of Mr President at the 74th session of the UN General Assembly in New York a week ago, we are pulling out to universal criminal gatherings by the enthusiastic indictment of the P&ID trick endeavoring to swindle Nigeria of billions of dollars.”

The $9.6bn grant emerged from a contest concerning the 20-year GSPA among P&ID and Nigeria, through the Ministry of Petroleum Resources.

Under the understanding marked in 2010, P&ID was to work in the Niger Delta district a gas preparing plant for the refining of flammable gas, otherwise called “wet gas” into “lean gas” which would be utilized by Nigeria to produce power.

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