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Father Caught Raping her 7 years old daughter in a taxi



Yesterday I went to visit an old friend that we have not met for a long time, after a long gist I decided to go home.

I boarded a taxi from the bus stop going to my house. I was the 3rd person at the back seat where I met this man and a woman carrying two children.

The man was carrying a 7 years old child (girl) in his lap while the woman was with a little baby of about 5-6 months.

The man was in the middle while I and the woman were at the right and left corner of the taxi, one guy was at the front seat with the driver.

Immediately the taxi moved, I felt some movement on my leg but anytime I shook my body the movement will stop.

I noticed this movement for like tree times, I had to raise alarm and told the driver to stop the car, which he did.

I switched on the inner light of the taxi and we found out something that was unbelievable.

Lo! and behold this man has been penetrating the little girl;  a minor for that matter.

The man’s trouser was wet with his fluid. Everyone in the taxi started beating him.

Since we were close to the next bust stop which was actually my final destination so, I walked down to the bus stop where police uses it for check point.

I met with the police offer that was on duty; thank God she was a female police officer.

I reported the incident to her and she acted immediately without asking for transport money or money to open case file as they use to do.

The man was taken to the nearby police station and was detained in their cell.

It was there I discovered that the man was the father to the girl and husband to the woman we boarded the taxi with.

The woman was crying and was like I don’t know how long she has been doing this to her innocent daughter. I had to begged her to stop crying and should thank God that for exposing him.

I left the police station fulfilled. I don’t know how they will settled it, if they will say it was the devil or Satan. All the same the devil in him has been exposed.

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