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Femi Fani-Kayode reveals that every President from North West always died or remove from office



President or vice president from ogun

Former minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode published an interesting research for Nigerians.

He revealed how Presidents from North are always removed from office.

Here him…

“Consider the following:

“Every single son of the South West that has been President or Vice President has come from Ogun state. They are Ogundipe, Obasanjo, Shonekan, Diya and now Osinbajo.

“Every single Head of State that has had a number two from Ogun state has died in office.

“They are Aguiyi-Ironsi whose number 2 was Ogundipe.

“Murtala Mohammed whose number 2 was Obasanjo.

“Sani Abacha whose number 2 was Diya.

“Buhari’s number 2 is Osinbajo (from Ogun state).

“Let us hope the curse is broken and he does not go the same way.

Again consider this:

“Every single President, Prime Minister or Head of State from the CORE north (namely NW and NE) has either been removed from office in a military coup d’etat or been killed or died whilst on the throne.

“They are Tafawa Balewa, Murtala Mohammed, Shehu Shagari, Muhammadu Buhari (1st coming), Abacha and Yar’adua.

“Buhari (2nd coming) is presently on the throne. Let us hope the curse is broken and that it does not affect him.

“As a good Christian, I am pointing all this out for one reason alone: so that we can pray for him according to 1 Timothy 2: 1, though the scripture did not tell us precisely what the prayer point should be.

This is something to remember

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