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Ezekwesili give reasons Why She Doesn’t Like Buhari’s Government



Oby Ezekwesili gives her reasons

A former minister of education and co-convener of the ‘Bring Back Our Girls Movement’, Oby Ezekwesili has given reasons why she does not like Buhari’s government.

Ezekwesili, revealed this in a series of tweets on her micro -blogging site, Twitter account on Thursday.

She posted: “On a personal level, I frankly have no business advocating against bad governance in this country as if it affects me most.

“So I also could have taken the easier path of unlooking, like most of my peers do in Nigeria.

“I gladly made this Choice and everything that comes with it.

Oby, said she has nothing personally against President Buhari, but she is against bad governance that Buhari’s administration is known for.

Ezekwesili continued with reasons as follows:

“We all must individually make a choice. Choose yours in peace.

“Daily I see extremely poor families that can barely feed, have health care and educate their children. They are left praying and hoping that someday, the country will turnaround. No level of personal comfort one has can survive the desolation of too many others.
I thus Speak.

She further accused the present administration of putting in place policies that are not beneficial to the people of the country.

“A government took an economy that was already on the precipice and crashed it so severely and yet refuses to own the consequences of the disaster it created.

“Instead this government keeps fumbling from one weird Policy to another. It is Not Sustainable,no It is not.

“Not even Socialist Soviet Union nor then Communist China went this far in the range of horrific policies that now dots the economic landscape of our country, Nigeria.

“Nigeria Customs invading a hotel? This level of ceaseless flow of bad policies is not sustainable. No.”

Meanwhile her reasons for rejecting appointment…

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