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Emir reveals those sponsoring Boko Haram



emir reveals those sponsoring boko haram

Emir of Zuru, Major General Muhammadu Sani Sami, retired, (Sami Gomo II) has revealed to the public of those sponsoring Boko Haram and other insurgent groups.

The Emir has accused politicians of sponsoring this insurgency.

While speaking to The Sun News, the Emir of Zuru said politicians who lost elections are behind insecurity in the country.

His words: “evil people are doing everything possible to make Buhari fail, even calling for the removal of the service chiefs.”

“I mean, we should be very, very hard on them. We should not tolerate nonsense at all.”

The retired Major General who served as the military Governor in Benue, Sokoto and Bauchi states, said many wicked politicians do not want Buhari to succeed in his government.

His statement reads in parts:

“Just like I said, many wicked politicians who are out there don’t want him to succeed. They just want to make sure that this country breaks into pieces and God will not allow them,” the Emir said.

“I think by now, they ought to have learnt from President Buhari who have contested elections and lost many times.

“Despite these losses, he exercised patience before God answered his prayers in the 2015 general election. If you lose election, why must you throw the country into crisis?

“Why must you say Nigeria must go, break into pieces? We must avoid playing dirty politics. If there is any issue in the country you are not satisfied with, let us embrace dialogue, discussions; going to British Council, USA would not solve our problems. The solution to our problem is within Nigeria and among Nigerians.

“We should be harder on these people who want to destroy“.

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