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2023: ‘El-Rufai wants to be Vice President’ – Arewa youths knock Kaduna governor



El-Rufai affirmed working for Yahaya Bello

The Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, AYCF, President-General, Yerima Shettima on Tuesday demanded that Nasir El-Rufai, Governor of Kaduna State was moving in the direction of turning into the Vice President in 2023.

Shettima, who talked solely with DAILY POST, offered the comment while denouncing the senator for saying the Southern piece of Nigeria ought to be permitted to create the nation’s next president.

El-Rufai had said the North had no right to hold power after President Muhammadu Buhari’s second term in 2023.

The representative had focused on that the South ought to be permitted to deliver the nation’s next president in light of a legitimate concern for equity, value and decency.

However, Shettima stressed that the governor was only pursuing his selfish interest.

He maintained that El-Eufai’s comment was not in the interest of the North.

According to Shettima: “El-Rufai is just a governor and a mere politician who is ever ready to bargain for what he feels will represent his individual and personal interest.

“He is probably saying this because he wants them to consider him for Vice President and only God knows the side of the South he was referring to as he did not specify. But he may be saying this because he wants to be considered as a running mate to whoever will contest.”

The AYCF President General focused on that El-Rufai’s announcement was not an impression of the North.

He forewarned Nigerians against retaining presentations of government officials without legitimate investigation.

Shettima included: “For us Northerners he stays a representative, his choice doesn’t in any capacity mirror the enthusiasm of the North even in Kaduna he won’t get 33%. His announcement holds no water and it speaks to his own advantage.

“You know because of his character of urgency, he is ever prepared to deal and that is the reason if a government official turns out to offer any expression take a gander at it altogether you will understand that it’s his own advantage.”

“He is probably going around behind the scenes now negotiating to be Vice President of the country considering the fact that he may not be the popular candidate from the North. If the North is to produce candidates for the presidency, El-Rufai is not among the first 10 we are considering. He has probably realized that his chances are slim and narrow so he is ever ready to negotiate and make it looks like he is more accepted in one part of the country so he is willing to go around side by side whoever emerges from the South.

“I can see his body language that whoever he thinks it’s going to work with is completely doomed so whoever he thinks will consider him to be Vice President is just wasting time and whatever he says does not represent the interest of Northerners and it can never be.

According to Daily Tells Nigeria, El-rufai may be tilted tenth with the governor of Ekiti State, Fayemi or the current minister of Transport, Rotimi Ameachi where the both are his close allies from the South West and South South respectively.

“What do you expect from a sinking boat who has lost the goodwill of his people can’t go for third term as governor, as a result, he is desperate to remain in political office, hence he is ever willing and ready to bargain against the collective interest of his people…

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