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Weeding Couples celebrates with Motor bike, got Prado Jeep as gift after Accident



Rich man give out his prado jeep to couple

Onyema, a motor cycle driver, had accident, got an SUV Prado Jeep from rich man as gift while celebrating his weeding with his wife, Lyndia.

The  couple had accident while they drove out of the reception venue.

Though it was like a drama to many to them they were very happy with what they had.

The ‘Okada man’ (onyema) uses the motor cycle to celebrate their weeding with his wife but unfortunately they had accident on the road.

Their motor-bike hit on a Prado Jeep and broke the back light, but none of them sustained any injury.

The owner of the car came down and everyone at the sight rush to plead with the rich man but the man was jsut laughing and asked them if they are really coming back from their weeding.

Onyema’s wife, Lyndia replied in affirmation, yes sir. Please sorry that we hit your car.

However, the rich man handed over the keys to his Prado jeep to the couple and tell them this is your weeding gift from me.

The rich man only called one of his drivers to bring another car and picked him out from the place.

Onyeman and the wife are now car owner, but the crowd told him to sale the car and buy a smaller car they can mange with.

Meanwhile the rich man has handed over all the documents of the car to them and has given them his complementary card.

The wedding was hosted in the southern Nigeria.


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