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CORONAVIRUS: Muslims Go Against Govt Orders on Social Distancing



Muslims on Coronavirus

As Nigeria’s Coronavirus case has hit 174 cases, Muslims has refused to keep to social distancing order by the federal government of Nigeria.

It was reported by the Lagos State government that Muslim worshipers attacked the Lagos State COVID19 task force who were on assignment to enforced total compliance of government order on social distancing.

“The Lagos State COVID-19 Taskforce, mandated by LASG to monitor and enforce compliance against public gatherings exceeding 25 people, was on Tuesday attacked by some Muslim worshippers at the Agege Central Mosque”

This act has been widely condemned across board.

See reactions from Nigerians:

@AyoBakonle: “It is unacceptable & totally irresponsible for Muslim congregations to be responding to govt effort with violence. 1st was Katsina, then Jos, now Lagos. We’ve seen Pastors arrested. Mosques shouldn’t be different. This is the time for Muslim leaders to speak strongly against this.”

They tend to argue when Christians say their religion is a religion of violence. We’ve seen how pastors were arrested quietly in the last few days. None of their members laid their hands on any official.

@DEUXSVELTE: Lock them inside after 14days open door for survivors to go to jail.

@Uncle_Phillips: I’m secretly praying for the lockdown to end before Ramadan starts. This is because the chances of a civil disobedience and violent reaction will triple.

@johnpistolance: When we say one religion loves violence, they will say we’ve come again. Churches where pastors were arrested did you hear any case of the members attacking the officers??

The question is WHY ALWAYS THEM.. I think it’s time we ask these folks what exactly is their problem, maybe we can proffer a solution to it… It dosen’t have to end in violence.

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