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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Talks About 5G Network And COVID-19 (Video)



Pastor Chris Oyakhilome speaks on 5G network

The senior pastor of Christ Embassy, Chris Oyakhilome has given an expository insight on how the recently launched 5G network is linked to the coronavirus pandemic currently ravaging the world.

There have been such an enormous number of twist to the issue of Coronavirus comprehensively, while a few trusts it radiated from a science research facility, others have scolded it in totality.

While the nations endeavors to stop the death of an enormous number of people over the world, various pioneers have continued bestowing their bits of knowledge moreover.

COVID19 isn’t the chief pandemic on the planet. In any case, this took the world by a stun with the way where it executes and keeps spreading from territories to another.

The world is on a lockdown, the same number of nations have requested that their residents stay inside, in other to have the option to contain the spread.

While this endeavors are progressing, a Nigerian minister, Chris Oyakilome has shared another view to the reasons the pandemic was made.

According to Pastor Chris, he was captured in a video while preaching to his large congregations that the pandemic was created in order to popularize the 5G network, which is gradually gaining attention across the world.

5G network has advance Artificial intelligence (AI), that can solve nearly all the human problems, which is a major breakthrough for science, technology and medicine.

Chris alleged that, to make the world recognize this new technology, the creator has to send fear into the world, and therefore be able to make everyone to embrace it as the possible way out for their problems.

Watch the video here

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