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Chebe Powder and Karkar Oil for Hair Growth



Chebe Powder for hair growth

Chebe Powder is produced from a plant known as Croton Zambesicus (Lavender Croton), a shrub which can be found all over Africa especially the Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, and Burkina Faso. This is the secret for long hair and natural beauty form Africans.

How to Use  Chebe Powder

  1. Take 3 teaspoon of Chebe Powder and mix it with some quantity (50-100ml) of karkar oil to form a paste.
  2. Wash or wet your hair with water and part it (your hair) in sections.
  3. Apply the mixed Chebe paste on parted hair section.
  4. Twist or braid your hair afterwards. You can carry it for 3 days to 1 week
  5. Or, apply it and plait your hair with it and carry it for weeks or a month for fastest result.
  6. After that you can wash your hair with “Natural Hair Shampoo” preferably (Anny Hair Shampoo)
  7. Conditioned your hair.

Also you can use Anny Hair Butter as your hair cream to moisturize your hair for fast growth.

Different Methods of using Chebe

First Method: Chébé powder can be used as a treatment once or twice a weekly by mixing it with water and any preferable oil to make a paste.

The mixture of this powder and Karkar oil can be applied to the hair for a minimum of two hours. Thereafter, wash it with water to get the powder out, by doing this you would keep all of the benefits of the Chébé without the aroma or the powder.

Second method:
You can leave the powder (Chebe) on your hair without washing it off and reapply after every week for a month before washing for a month. But this method is fast but to stand the fragrance is the major challenge.

Benefits of using Chebe

  1. It moisturizes and conditions the hair, strengthens the hair and helps lock in moisture for longer.
  2. Chebe powder will improve the density of fine hair and give hair an appearance of thickness over time.
  3. Chebe powder is an all natural powder that nourishes the follicles.
  4. If your hair has hard time retaining moisture, chebe powder will solve the problem like magic.
  5. Chebe powder is recommended for 4C hair, it should work for type 3A – 4B hair as well.

Where to Buy Chebe Powder?

It’s available in 50 gm packs. Since you’re using only 1 -3 teaspoons at a time, this should last you for a very long time. Buy from Anny Hair Secret Click Here for More info

Contact Anny Hair secret on 07061807658 or like her on facebook

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