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Certificate For Sale Or I Burn Them – UNN Graduate With 2:1




A Nigerian graduate from University of Nigeria Nsukka, UNN, Mr. Joseph Ochie has taken his frustrations to the social media as he posted his certificates with this inscription “CERTIFICATE FOR SALE OR I BURN THEM. THEY DON’T WORK IN NIGERIA”.

Joseph had graduated from UNN in November 2010 and was issued the certificate in 2011. since then he had applied for jobs everywhere in Nigeria and has not found any job.

He has served the nation in the compulsory NYSC program in 2011 and the country he served is yet to provide him with a permanent or temporary job.

Daily Tells Nigeria observed from his documents that, this young Nigerian, read Political Science and graduated with second class honors (Upper Division).

Mr. Ochie out of frustration does not believe that the certificate he got from the university can be used for anything because almost 10 years there is no job for it.

This young man has tried many job opportunities like Npower and the rest and nothing seems to be working.

Is Nigeria not working or is it his background?

Who give jobs in Nigeria and how are they given? Is it on merits or favoritism?

Below are his certificates that he wants to burn or sell out of frustration.


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