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Goodluck congratulates Buhari for taking second wife in a comic way



Buhari second wife set for wedding

Comic discussion between former President Goodluck Jonathan and President Muhammadu Buhari as he prepares to take a second wife.

Buhari is getting married to Sadia Umar Farouk, the current Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management.

Buhari: Welcome Your Excellency, Goodluck Jonathan

Goodluck: Thank you the latest couple to be.

Buhari: You know that woman at the other room have been giving me too much headache and tried to rubbish my government. I want to retire her finally to the other room.

Goodluck: Hahahahahahaha Your Excellency, but how will you handle the new bride now that you are growing old?

Buhari: I just need someone that will allow me to rest when I close from office and not someone that will compound issue added to the myriads of problems from Nigerians. I need good rest during my exit from office.

Goodluck: You are correct. You will derive so much joy having a new spouse. It will be a wonderful experience. You are lucky as your religion permits that. Mine; people wont allow you to breath fresh air.

Buhari: Hahahahahah

Goodluck: Yes, I mean it. That Rivers woman na trouble oooo, na only she waka come and na only she go stay.

Buhari: I will take another wife before next year, na four i go marry.

Goodluck: Abeg make i go

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The wedding is set to commence latter today, and we share pre-wedding pictures, check for more updates.

President Buhari takes Sadia as the second wife to replace Aisha

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