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2020 budget: Buhari presents appropriation to NASS



Buhari presents 2020 Budget to NASS

President Muhammadu Buhari presents the 2020 Appropriation budget to the joint session of the National Assembly on Tuesday.

The annual budget presentation which is always performed by the President makes the Parliament appropriate and approve allocations to the sectors of the economy as envisaged by the executive.

The Nigeria Senate on Thursday last week passed into law the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) for 2020 – 2023 to the tune of N10.727 trillion passed into law.

However, Constitutionally, the MTEF is the basis with which annual budget is prepared by the Executive. It, therefore, means that today’s presentation of 2020 budget is in consonance with the laid down procedures of how the nation’s financial structure is laid.

Meanwhile,  Today’s presentation of the 2020 budget by President Muhammadu is coming four months into the implementation of the 2019 budget.

It is ridiculus with the level of implementation of the last year which is sacrosanct continues to agitate the minds of some political analysts as well as financial experts.

Dr. Josiah Idakwoji, an Abuja financial consultant while speaking with our correspondence on Tuesday expressed serious concern that, “There was no significant implementation of the 2019 budget despite its four months lifespan.” According to him, Parliamentarians ought to have insisted on the significant implementation of the budget through their oversight functions.

“As a matter of statutory responsibility, legislators play oversight role on the agencies of government which are a subdivision of the executive and what can they tell Nigerians? What is the percentage of implementation of 2019 budget before facing the 2020 budget Appropriation today? ”

Similarly, a PDP Senator who spoke with DAILY TELLS on condition of anonymity before he entered the chambers said:

“I know we are operating a cooperative agenda with the executive. Be that as it may, I am optimistic, they would be a closedoor session before President Buhari’s arrival in which salient points like what you are saying will be discussed. That’s all I can say.”

Moreso, how the heads of agencies of government would avail themselves to defend their MDAs and parastatals’ budget in marathon approach remains to be seen in view of the usual busy schedule of overseas travels.

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