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Coronavirus: Nnamdi Kanu Give Reasons Why Buhari Cannot Address Nigerians



Buhari cannot address Nigerians on coronavirus

Nnamdi Kanu, leader of indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB have given reasons why President Buhari cannot address Nigerians on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) because he would be exposed as an impostor.

President Buhar has failed to addressed Nigerians on the deadly Coronavirus in Nigeria despite the five cases contraction has been confirmed and the spread across the nation.

The Nigerian lawmakers has also lend their voices on the President’s continued silence, they have called  on President Buhari to speak on his administration’s “Next Level” of action by addressing Nigerians.

However the IPOB leader, Kanu claimed that President Buhari would be unmasked as Jubril Al-Sudan (Buhari’s alleged impostor) if allowed to address a press conference on the scourge of Coronavirus.

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IPOB leader said Buhari has no interest in the disease infecting Nigerians, adding that:  “A country in the world where lawmakers beg a supposedly democratically elected president to address them in a time of unprecedented global pandemic.

“For starters and for the benefit of those intellectually challenged Nigerians:

Nigeria is NOT a nation and can never be. What it is according to Chief Obafemi Awolowo, is a mere geopolitical expression created by a Scottish man and christened “Nigeria” by his English concubine, for purely British economic interest. Anybody referring to Nigeria as a nation cannot be regarded as an intelligent being.

“Jubril Al-Sudani masquerading as Buhari cannot address the hapless British experimental Guineapigs named ‘Nigerians’ because Abba Kyari and the rest of the cabal are afraid that he will be unmasked during cross-examination by journalists. He will be forced to stand for hours, up close and personal as other heads of state around, the world have done and continue to do, to answer searching questions about Covid-19. Jubril is a Sudanese citizen, he has no interest if Coronavirus kills all inhabitants of Nigeria. What Abba Kyari dictates is what he does.

“Sadly, Abba Kyari and his fellow handlers of the Zoo Republic will dare not hold an open press conference in the garden of their Aso Rock because that is tantamount to exposing their fake Buhari because they know the heat of the sun will inevitably melt Jubril’s makeup and a combination of close proximity of TV camera lens and questions from journalists will complete the process of unraveling the Fulani fraud of the century. Let them try and see. The world is waiting,” Kanu said.

Recalled that the ministry of health had confirmed five cases of coronavirus, making the total of eight cases in Nigeria.

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