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Breaking: Saraki’s Former Aide rejects Lawan’s Appointment



Senate President Lawan

The former special assistance to Saraki on new media, Olu Onemola has rejected appointment offered to him by the new senate president Ahmed Lawan.

The senate president, Ahmad Lawan appointed Onemola to be his special assistance on new media on 21st of June.

Olu Onemola was the SA to Saraki on new media in the 8th assembly and was re-appointed by the new senate President, Senator Lawan to help in that capacity in the 9th assembly.

Mr. Onemola turned down the offer and wished to excuse himself from rendering such services to the present assembly.

In a statement made available to us on Sunday, Onemola stated that he would want to be excused from taking up any national assignment from this present 9th Assembly.

He was quoted as saying: “As an individual who prides me in always setting a high standard and significant precedents I feel honored to have been asked to fill this vital role in the service of our great country, Nigeria.

“I thank you sir, for the offer to continue to serve and promote the work of the 9th Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which I am sure is home out of your patriotic desire to serve the Nigerian people.

“However, at this time, given my personal antecedents, and the controversy that this has generated, I would respectfully like to be excused from taking up this national assignment. He said

“It is my hope that whoever does fill this role, builds upon what we have started in terms of opening up the activities of the Nigerian Senate to the public.

“I will be ready and available in whatever way to give my recommendations if and when requested as the new team begins its work.

“I have communicated my decision to the Chief of Staff, Babagana Muhammad Aji, and I wish the new team all the best as they work to meet the demands of the Nigerian people.”

This online news platform understands that this resignation come after Mr. Lawan, the senate president withdrew the appointment of Dr Festus Adedayo as his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, due to pressure and critics from some members of his party the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The group pressurized the senate president not to work with those that criticize Buhari, that they are enemies.

Adedayo was appointed as special assistance to senate president on Media and Publicity on18th June and on the next the group under APC took to twitter that he (Adedayo) wrote an article against Buhari and as such he should be removed.

Daily Tells reports that Senate president bowed to the pressure and withdrew his appointment.

Olu Onemola on Sunday rejected the appointment as the special assistance to the senate president on new media.

One of our interviewers believed that this rejection of the appointment by Mr. Olu Onemola is fighting the unknown.

He also believed that the senate president is yet to take his own decisions, that he might be sacked if the next group goes on twitter to protest that he was working for Saraki who was seen as an enemy to APC.

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