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Breaking: IPOB placed Ban on Cows and National Anthem in Igboland



IPOB against Jihadist and Islamization in Nigeria

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has announced a ban on cows reared by Fulani herdsmen in the South East (Igboland) .

The group said such cows would no longer be used for social events in their region.

The Banned was made known in a New Year message addressed by its Head of Directorate Mazi Chika Edoziem through its Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, on Monday.

It is understood that the IPOB’s decision would take effect from April.

According to the message delivered, only native cows would be allowed in the region for such events.

It urged traditional rulers, the clergy and town unions to ensure the message reaches the grassroots.

The group said: “The ban placed on Fulani cows will take effect in April 2022.

“Effective that month, Fulani cows will not be used for any social or ceremonial events and festival in Biafraland.

“Our native cows will be used instead for these events.

“Traditional custodians of our culture, the clergy and town unions must ensure that this message gets to the grassroots.”

Edoziem said that starting from January 3, 2022, only the Biafran national anthem should be taught in schools, a direct ban on the Nigerian national anthem.

“Beginning from tonight, no more Nigerian National Anthems in all Schools in Biafraland. Our Children must no longer be reminded daily that they are under oppression by singing the national anthem of the oppressors”.