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Blind prophet, Kasali reveals that Mighty men will fall in Nigeria



The General Overseer of Mountain of Mercy, Ori Oke Alaseyori, Prophet Moses Muyideen Kasali, has revealed what God told him concerning 2020.

Kasali unveiled that God uncovered to him that mighty men will fall in academics, business and in the service of God.

While speaking to newsmen in the Church in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, the visually impaired minister likewise unveiled that Nigeria needs to pray over issues of Boko Haram and expanded instances of political deaths.

He, be that as it may, guaranteed that Nigerians would observer flourishing by recovering lost grounds in 2020.

Kasali stated: “What God uncovered to me around 2020 is that it is a time of twofold gift for the individuals who are on the Lord’s side, however in that year, forceful men will fall in zones of scholastics, business and in the administration of God.

“The year, 2020 is the collect time for the individuals who served God truly, who thought God had overlooked them. Many individuals will get their autos and houses while the fruitless will consider. There will be widespread instances of political death.

“We have to appeal to God for Nigeria intensely so that there won’t be more terrible instability than Boko Haram.

If God did a miracle when I pray, fine and if not, how can I help him? I’m not a miracle worker, Jesus is a miracle worker, if he wants to perform a miracle let him perform a miracle but if he does not, that is not my own fault.

“I’m a blind Pastor, He has the power to open my eyes but He did not and if any blind man come to me for prayer and I lay my hand and his eyes refuse to open, that doesn’t mean I’m not a prophet of God. As a pastor, if you arrange miracle so that your congregation can believe that lame can walk at revival ground or in your church, who do you deceive?

“You are deceiving yourself, so I cannot afford to lose eternity because I want to please anybody or want the whole world to see me as a good pastor.

“There is nothing that I can see in spite of the way that I have autos, houses and heaps of things.

“I don’t have a clue about any phony prophet yet the reality of the situation is that anything that has unique will clearly have phony, even it occur in the hour of our Lord Jesus Christ while a few people accept and some didn’t trust him yet all I know is that you served God and ensure you served the living God.

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