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Benue Governor, Samuel Ortom celebrates Christmas with former motor park colleagues



Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom celebrated with his former boss and contemporaries in Gboko Motor Park, Mr Mnenge Mtemave and his colleague drivers.

Ortom was hosted at the residense of Mnenge Mtemave, Ipav, Mbadim, Gboko Local Government Area of Benue State.

It would be recalled that Governor Ortom was a motor conductor to Mr Mnenge Mtemave who was a driver at the Gboko Motor Park from the late seventies to the eighties.

Governor Ortom had told the public about his working experience as a bus conductor while growing up in Gboko.

Ortom always let the public to know that after dropping out of primary school, Mtemave invited him to work as a conductor and later taught him how to drive.

He said Mnenge later made him cashier and treasurer of all the monies they made weekly and gave him a blank cheque to spend at will, an opportunity he never took for granted but still went back to him to approve spending on his needs

The Governor said during his morning devotion, God revealed to him to visit, celebrate and appreciate his former boss, Mnenge for laying the foundation for him to be who he is today.

The Governor presented a Hilux Van to Mtemave and pledged to support him in any merchandise of his choice, even as he showered his former colleagues and the communities with cows, pigs, bags of rice and cash.

Speaking for the Ugbada family and former colleagues, Messers Abugh Vaaswem and Aondopine Tim respectively, thanked the Governor for his good gesture and prayed God to prosper him.

Ter Gboko, Chief Gabriel Shosum and Ter Guma, Chief Dennis Shemberga, all expressed delight over the Governor’s gesture, even as the host, Mtemave also expressed gratitude over the honour done him by the Governor.